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Three sisters left at home with a list of chores decide to get out of the work by duplicating themselves.

After the surprise success of Lemonade, our daughters wanted to make another movie. This time they wanted to see themselves “duplicated” on screen. This simple idea turned into three years of kicking several ideas around until we finally settled on the sisters duplicating themselves to get out of housework. After helping her beat out the initial story, our 13 year old daughter Faith wrote the screenplay. For inspiration, we dipped heavily into Calvin and Hobbes, as well as the quick directing stylings of Edgar Wright.

Duped has become our most celebrated and acclaimed short film to date. It recently won BEST COMEDY/DRAMADY at the May 2015 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and was also nominated for BEST ENSEMBLE CAST. It is currently on the festival circuit and has several other screenings in the near future.

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