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Production Date: In Development

Release Date: In Development

While at her brother-in-law’s birthday party, Kitty imagines what life would be like married to the 9 different men she meets – all with disastrous results. 

We came by this script through the Film Production Class at Harris Studios. Written by Denise Churchill & Karen Darlington Aldridge, this delightfully fun, fresh and witty story is in full pre production. Open casting is underway with Production scheduled for Mid-October 2014.


We are casting several male roles (ages late twenties to mid fifties) and a few children. The roles include:

Brian – Male lead in his early to mid 30’s. Very sarcastic, playful character who knows how to carry on witty banter. Not overly good-looking. Partial Script

Paul – Male supporting in his late 30’s.  Loves his wife & goes with the flow. Partial Script

Brad – Late 20’s-mid 30’s, male. Athletic swimmer, very attractive, pool guy/lifeguard type. Must be in great shape as he will be shirtless in a few scenes. Partial Script

John – 40’s-50’s, male.  A politician. Partial Script

Dirk – 30’s-40’s, male.  A cowboy/rancher, manly man. Partial Script

Annabel – 10-12, girl. Paul & Joy’s oldest. Fun loving & mischievous. Partial Script

Clare – 5-6, girl. The youngest of Paul & Joy’s brood. Cute and curious. Currently no lines

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