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As a family company, speropictures prides itself in the fact that we do life in such an organic fashion. When we made our short film “Lemonade” we really just wanted to have fun with our kids and their friends. We took the opportunity to teach our kids how to make a short film and involve them in every step of the process. From script writing, sound, to acting, our girls got to experience the in’s and out’s of film making. It is such a pleasure being able to provide our children with hands on experience of what we do for a living. It is in moments like these that we are creating a legacy. We place great value on expertise, people, and relationships. It shows in the work we do. We desire to highlight natural talents and abilities while also nurturing them as to achieve greater skill sets. We have so much fun together as we learn and grow. And while life does at times give us lemons, it has also given us honey and water. So why not make something sweet and refreshing.

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