Our story

Like the first act of so many companies, the tale of Speropictures’ starts in a basement.

Basements are amazing. Things are often buried and tucked away in basements, just waiting to be discovered. Not to mention, in a basement – the only place to go is up.

In 2009, it was in our basement where we gave ourselves permission to be what we always knew we were. We were storytellers and we had buried it for too long. We like to say we grew up and realized we could go after our dreams. 

And we decided to do it in the most unlikely of places – Redding, CA. Redding little town in Northern California, a few hours from somewhere and a little south of nowhere.

But that didn’t stop us. We borrowed a camera, tossed together our kids & their friends with a bit of random lumber, mixed in Walmart “oops paint”, and sprinkled in a little pony. Out popped our first film LEMONADE. (which now has 8 million view on YouTube). When we swept the awards at our local film festival, everyone wondered what was next on our horizon. We are still exploring that horizon today.

Storytellers have always been the center of human society. Primeval humans sat around campfires listening to elders tell stories. We feel a great sense of responsibility to carry on this tradition. Our goal is always to entertain first then bring meaning to our common human experiences, needs, and desires. We do this in everything we make, whether it’s a commercial, a short film, or a feature length documentary. We pride ourselves in using age old visual storytelling techniques to make content people want to watch.

It is now 2024.

The world and our base of operations may have changed (we moved to Tulsa, OK in 2021) — but our mission to use stories to capture hearts and minds remains.

We have become a nationally known media company, known for our creative approach to stories no one wants to cover. We’ve created hundreds of jobs and won almost 3 dozen national & regional awards. We’ve traveled the country, worked on an international television show, and our feature length films are available on all major platforms. Not to mention, we have several film & television scripts waiting in the wings.

And Act 2 of our story is only just beginning.

Never underestimate what’s you can find in a basement.